JO00-54 TAKEO TOYAMA Hello 88 CD $18

This album is a Fantasia of day dream. European influenced. Mellow and fairy tale like. Each song is very well chewed. Very soothing. Good

Takeo Toyama was born on 18th of Jan. in 1965. Capricorn. Blood type B. His job is to deliver magazines and helping his wife at her cafe/shop on weekend. Takeo watches a lot of TV with his cat name Porno. Takeo Yoyama is Mellow but stubborn, slow in absorbing and get irriated by being slow.

He uses piano for basic composing, but also use computer for making music. Although he has been acquainted with piano for the longest time, he claims that he is not a piano player, piano is the easiest media for him to create his music.

New music by new style of music creaters like Nobukazu Takemura, Jim O'rouke, Yoshihiro Hanno, and Marcas Pop. He released his 1st album from CULLENT, which is the label by Yoshihiro Hanno(Multiphonic Ensamble).

etudes JO03-57
Takeo Toyama
Toyama's 2nd album from JO.

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