JO94-0 CHU ISHIKAWA Tetsuo / The Iron Man CD $15

This is the soundtrack from the underground cyber punk cult-film "Tetsuo/The Iron Man" & "s/t II" by Chu Ishikawa (ex-member of "Zeitlich Vergelter"). Chu Ishikawa combined the metal percussion, created by his hand-made metal instrument, and sampling of various beat. The film has been shown in many countries. The director Shinya Tsukamoto was 29 years old when he created the first "Tetsuo/The Iron Man" film. He was a director, producer, screen writer, also took care of casting, art, lighting, editting, special effect, filming, and acting. The film was the visualization of conquering the body and the spirit. Chu Ishikawa's music is certainly the sound version of this film.

"Armored Weapon"
The 1st CD of a metal-percussions unit led by Chu Ishikawa. Very close sound compared with Tetsuo soundtrack.

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