Slimy Crime/Double Bind

JO96-15-7 O.A.D. Slimy Crime / Double Bind Gold 7" $6

Cyber trance rock. Tsuyama(from Omoide Hatoba) became a member from this gold 7". Trippy and heavy groove take you through transonic journey.
They are from Kyoto, the old capital of Japan. From such historical town, there comes a band like OAD whose sound is with heavy grooving base like the expression of rigidity, trippy, spacy, freaky, and pop on top. OAD is like a dose of blending machine with old and new.
Now they stopped their activity but you can listen their latest song from "Bears' are Not real" compilation.

Bears' compilation JO98-41
"Anyway, this is the astonishing compilation of the bands who appear frequently at this wierdest club in Asia, BEARS' !! This is NAMBA!! "( SEIICHI YAMAMOTO).

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