JO98-38 Masonna, Ruzelstirn&Gurgelstock, Schimpfluch-Gruppe Arschloch-onna



Japan Overseas has invited Runzelsirn & Gurgelstock (R & G) and Schimpfluch-Gruppe (S-G) to Japan in October 1997. S-G is Rudolf Eber and Dave Phillips (original member of Fear of God); their noise consists of the silence, non-silence and action. R & G is Rudolf Eber's solo project; this time in Japan, he used fish for his performance, he stabbed various cords into fish. It's an irony toward Japanese harsh noise.
This album is the collaboration of Masonna, Runzelsirn & Gurgelstock and Schimpfluch-Gruppe. They spent a lot of time in the studio cutting up and pasting the sound from the shows and the sound recorded in the JO studio. Rudolf says "I am always spending time training for the fight." Action and fighting are the common theme for these 3 noise units. Arschloch means Asshole in German and Onna means Woman in Japanese.

"Psychetronick Electile"
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10 inch record by psychederic noise screamer MASONNA.
Bears' Compilation JO98-41
Anyway, this is the astonishing compilation of the bands who appear frequently at this most wierdest club in Asia, BEARS' !! This is NAMBA!! (Seiichi Yamamoto)

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