Jolly Throats

JO98-39 GRIND ORCHESTRA Jolly Throats EP CD $15

Grind Orchestra is Yoshikawa (ex-BOREDOMS vocal), Gaku, Tatekawa (HANADENSHA drums), Yoshiyoshi (SPASMO‚l drums) and Nakaya (of Nasca Car) as a special guest. Grind Orchestra is the percussion unit with 4 drummers and vocal, with special guest Thermine player. Primitive beat with freaky Yoshikawa's vocal.

The theme of this CD is the prevention of flu. 2 songs "Jolly Throats" and "Flu.Crew.Junction" were recorded in 2 different mixes. 4 tracks.

JO98-40 JO98-40
Jolly Throats/Flu Crew Junction
Same songs and different version than CD. Wilder scream of Yoshikawa and Drums!!

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