Jolly Throats/Flu Crew Junction

JO98-40 GRIND ORCHESTRA Jolly Throat/Flu Crew Junction 7" ( Ltd.500 ) $7

This 7" has the two songs, "Jolly Throat" and "Flu.Crew. Junction" in different mix. The CD has 2 different mixes, therefore, the mix of this 7" is the 3rd mix. They all sound pretty different. Jolly Throat here is more explosive and foresty. Flu.Crew.Junction is the train version. Enjoyable with 33rpm & 45rpm. Grind Orchestra provides us a broad vision.

JO98-39 JO98-39
Jolly Throat EP
4 drummers/percussionists and a theremine/ effect player led by Yoshikawa(ex.BOREDOMS). Mix of world exotic rhythms with electronica!! 2 songs mixed in 2 completely different version. 4 songs.

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