Timeless Tubes

JO98-44 GOMA Timeless Tubes CD $18

Didgeridoo is the oldest wooden instruments in the world. It was found by Aborigines. The didgeridoo player comes to trip into the trance by deep vibration and overtones. Didgeridoo is a famous instruments now because some famous musicians use them for their albums. For example, Jamiroquai, Mani Neumeier(GURU GURU), and so on.

It is very difficult to continue to play the didgeridoo because of the circulating breath. The sound of didgeridoo never stop. It gives the deep trance to both player and listeners. In this point, it's true that GOMA is one of the best players in the world, though he is not an Aborigines. You'll know that he builds up his own trance by using some paticular technics of didgeridoo and minimal rhythm.

He got a prise at the competition in the sacred land called "Arnemland(Northern Territory)". This is the first incident that a foreigner got a prize at the competiton.

"When this sound awakes the DNA minimalistcly intelligence penetrates through the entire body with electric tears"

"Vibes Vendor"
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Row didgeridoo sound on sideA. Remix by HAV, UNI, ZERO ZERO on sideB. Limitted 500 copies only!!!!

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Solo pieces plus remixes by Kris Weston (ex-the Orb), Eye (Boredoms), Kuni Sugimoto(Natural Calamity), Toshio Nakanishi(Major Force), Naoyuki Uchida(Dry & Heavy Connection), Psycho-BaBa, and Sketch(Moving Shadow, TCR).

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